Reasons To Include Wheat Germ In Your Diet


Health conscience people are always seeking out new foods that provide essential vitamins and nutrients. Wheat germ is packed with vitamins and minerals, making it the beneficial part of the wheat kernel. Wheat germ nutritional value specs are breathtaking. The germ, which is the embryo for the wheat plant, is the best part of the plant.
Funny thing is the kernels of the plants, where the germ is located, is usually removed when wheat grains are turned into white flour. The germ is removed during processing because the healthy oils it contains go bad quickly. Removing the germ, increases the shelf life of processed products.
What Makes Wheat Germ Nutritious?
Wheat germ is intended to feed the wheat plant. It provides all the nutrients the wheat plant needs to grow. Consuming two tablespoons of wheat germ will provide the body with protein, B vitamins, fiber, and carbohydrates. There sixty calories in two tablespoons of wheat germ. Wheat germ nutritional value information can be obtained online, or posted on products containing the germ in their mixtures.